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We are talent alchemists. iHateRecruiters.io makes finding your dream startup job infinitely easier by connecting talented people with the best startups here in the Netherlands!


What we do


Finding your dream startup job is tough. You’ve currently got 3 options:

The dreaded job board, often riddled with bad vacancies and false promises

The traditional agency recruiter, who knows little about startups or your skill set, and often relies on an unrelated client base

The do it yourself approach, running the risk of picking the most charismatic founder over the best company

But we offer you another approach! By honesty and transparancy we try to make the startup world a better place. Scroll down to see how and why!


We believe that fast-growing tech companies are great environments for personal growth, fast learning, and fun. Our mission is to help great people choose these places to work over an old world career.

iHateRecruiters.io is a LevelUp Ventures initiative, founded out of frustration with agency recruiters. We focus on 21st century, personal and curated job matches. Our team understands the importance of chemistry between great people and great startups – we build dream startup teams!


No spam

We will never spam. We only propose jobs that match your desires

Control your data

Your data belongs to you. You can always opt-out, or edit your data

Only with approval

For every intro to a startup, we will ask your permission first

No cold calls

We do not cold call. It’s 2017 you see. We communicate digitally

No fake vacancies

A common practice with agency recruiters used to ‘harvest’ applicants. It’s not our thing

Brutal honesty

No lies, no bullshit. We wouldn’t be able to remember anyway


  • Front-End Developers
  • Back-End Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Growth Hackers
  • Customer Happiness
  • Online Marketeers
  • QA / Testers
  • DevOps
  • Sales / Busdevs
  • COO’s
  • CMO’s
  • CTO’s
  • C-Levels

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We like to work with great innovative startups, with an awesome team, great product and a culture you will enjoy. The best place to grow and have fun.

But hey, how does it work exactly?

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Sit back and relax! We’ll do the work of finding your dream startup job


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